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Pet overpopulation is an enormous problem across America and in Southeast Kansas. Spaying and Neutering pets is the safest, and simplest way of preventing animals from from reproducing. Pawprints on the Heartland makes it both affordable and accessible.

The Pawprints Frank and Isabelle Rinehart low-cost spay/neuter van hit the road on January 27, 2000. With one licensed veterinarian and two vet techs, to date has, spayed or neutered, over 85,000 pets in the Southeast Kansas area, eliminating millions of unwanted animals.

Pawprints operates in five counties in Southeast Kansas

Our Mission:
To maintain a program that combats the problems of pet overpopulation in Southeast Kansas by providing the spay/neuter surgery at a reduced cost, therefore making it affordable and convenient for residents throughout the SEK area.
In cooperation with the SEK Humane Society and TNR of Crawford County, the ultimate goal of Pawprints is to maintain a no-kill animal shelter, prevent unwanted litters, and provide a loving home for every animal in the area.

Pawprints on the Heartland
P.O. Box 644
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762

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