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In the last few years Pawprints has received a majority of its financing through local donations and various grants. However, at this time these grantors are closing much of their funding requiring Pawprints to seek financing through local donors and entities to continue to operate.

Pawprints has made a huge difference in southeast Kansas and its surrounding communities. Over 65,000 pets have been spayed and neutered, having far-reaching effects on the pet overpopulation problem. A

A three year fundraising goal of $150,000 was set last year to keep the Pawprints van in operation. So far we have raised over $48,000 and we still need your help for the coming years to continue to provide these very necessary services.
***********EXCITING NEWS! Starting NOVEMBER 12017********
A new MATCHING GRANT OPPORTUNITY for community cats is something we are excited about! Mail in your donation, with TNR OF CRAWFORD COUNTY MATCHING GRANT written on the memo line of your check, and your dollars will be MATCHED, up to a total of $1,000! Mail in a donation today to TNR of CRAWFORD COUNTY, C/O Pawprints on the Heartland, P.O. Box 644 Pittsburg KS 66762. This grant is provided by Community Cats Podcast.

We are asking that you please open your heart and your checkbook for these animals and our community. You can help make a difference!!!!

Please send donations to Pawprints on the Heartland, PO Box 644, Pittsburg, Kansas 66762. If you have any questions you can call 620-232-0907. We do have a Paypal button for donations, it is a secure site if you choose to donate that way, thank you!

Thank you in advance for helping provide a better future for these poor animals. Their only hope is you!!!

Pawprints on the Heartland
P.O. Box 644
Pittsburg, Kansas 66762

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